FIFA World Cup 2022 Outright Betting Guide:

The outright market is one of the easiest to place a bet. Some people bet informally between friends but using a bookmaker you can bet a lot more money if you want.

But first, you need to understand the basics of betting odds. There are different kinds of betting odds, but we will use the decimal system which is the easiest one for beginners.

As of October 3rd, the online bookies consider Brazil to be the favourites to win the next World Cup. It means, therefore, that they have the lowest odds in the market.

Betting Odds: The Decimal System

The decimal system uses odds as multipliers. It means the odds you see will multiply any potential bet you have in mind.

Let’s suppose you’re thinking about betting £10 in Brazil to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Right now the average market odds are 5.0 in the decimal system. So we have the following scenario.

Stake = £10
Odds (Multiplier): 5.0
Potential Winnings: £50

If you win any sports bet, you receive your stake back, plus the profits. If you lose the bet, normally, you lose all the money, but there are special bets in which some sports outcomes result in the bet being void, such as the Draw No Bet (DNB), but that doesn’t apply to the outright markets.

World Cup 2022 Outright Betting Scenario: Early October

Let’s have a look at the odds right now. Teams that have big odds are not expected to win, the market sees them as having small chances in the upcoming WC.

Selections with lower odds, that follow Brazil in the list, are the favourites. Typically, you would expect the selections with more titles in the history of any tournament to be the favourites, but the markets and the fans follow their performances closely, and for that reason, odds are changing all the time.

Here at Football90 we will analyse the Outright scenario constantly in the weeks and days before during the cup, as well as during the tournament.

The odds will be available to bet even during the final match, in the so-called live betting market.

The current odds for the victories of France and England are 6.5 and 7.5, respectively. Argentina also has 7.5, while Spain has 8.5. The market expects some of these teams to win the Cup!

In the second tier, we have Selections with odds bigger than ten. At the moment, Germany has 10.0, Belgium has 12.0, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal has 13.0.

The market considers less traditional selections to be underdogs, such as Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, and Iran with odds of 501.0, as well as Tunisia and Australia with 426.0.

Betting odds, including the outright odds, are multipliers that allow bettors to take chances according to the probabilities of the events happening.

Of course, the market isn’t right all the time, and that’s why it’s possible to profit from sports betting every day of the year, in international competitions as well as national leagues.

Keep an eye on Football90 as we’ll bring the freshest analysis about the World Cup odds, including the outrights market.