UEFA Champions League 2022 / 2023 Outrights Betting Market:

The outrights market is the page of the online bookie where you can bet on what team will win a specific tournament. In this case, the prestigious UEFA Champions League.

To bet on any kind of sports event, you need to understand the concept of odds. The odds determine your potential winnings in case you decide to bet.

There are different equivalent ways to display betting odds, like the decimal and the fractional system. They are mathematically the same, but the easiest way to understand the system is by starting with the decimal system.

Manchester City: the favourites to win the ongoing tournament

The current favourites to win the UCL are Manchester City, with decimal odds of 3.04. The decimal odds are a multiplier that calculates your potential prize.

Let’s suppose you’re thinking about betting £50 on Man City to lift the trophy in 2023.

Then we have £50 * 3.04 = £152

That means your potential prize is a bit over 150 pounds, and in case City doesn’t win, you lose the bet.

Fluctuation: The Nature of Sports Betting Odds

Odds change all the time, and we’ll keep an eye on the outright market until the final match in 2023. But some may ask: why bet so early if I could wait until the final match in 2023?

The problem we have is odds change all the time. The essential trick to profit with sports betting is grabbing odds that seem interesting right away. In case you are right, and the odds change in the direction you see, you may have a chance to bet on other teams to win the trophy even before the final happens and guarantee a mathematical profit.

This is called hedge betting, but it is an advanced for of betting and we’ll have a special guide about it here at Football90 very soon.

Second Tier Contenders: PSG and Bayern München

After Man City we have PSG and Bayern München with odds in the house of 6. The French side has an average of 6.07 while FC Bayern has 6.64.

Outright markets, like any sports betting markets, don’t necessarily have the favourites with odds circa 3 and two second-tier contenders with odds circa 6. The chances are converted into odds through a simple formula that we’ll explain in an upcoming guide.

The key to having fun and profit with sports betting is to buy odds that seem too good to be true. More often than you may think, that’s precisely the case!

Real Madrid, Liverpool, Barcelona and other teams

In a sports competition, anything can happen. But the market usually has a good notion of the chances of a team, although not a perfect one.

Right now, there are only a few teams that the markets see as having decent chances to win the tournament. We have Liverpool with odds of 8.25, Real Madrid with 11.0, and Barcelona with 12.79.

We’re not a tipster website, but the author of this article considers the current odds of Real Madrid a bit too big considering their history in the tournament and the fact that they are the reigning champions. Worth a bet? Your call! A small £20 bet could become a prize of more than 200 pounds!