Pfaffenhofen, Germany, 15th of May, 2020. Symbolphoto football in Corona times and the restart of the german 1.Bundesliga on May 15, 2020 in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria, Germany.

How to Calculate Betting Odds According to Injury News

The betting markets are constantly changing as the odds swing according to numerous factors. Between the time odds are released and the kick-off a lot could happen.

In big leagues like La Liga, for example, the odds are released quite in advance. For example, if a team is going to play on the 2nd and 9th day of a month, the odds for the game to be played on the 9th will be released even before the game on the 2nd day of that month is even played!

So red cards, for example, could not even be accounted before these betting events happen, not to mention the injuries!

The Evolution of Football: The Science Behind Fit Players

Football has evolved a lot when it comes to the physique of the players. Science has discovered a lot of new things about physiology in the last few decades, for example, how long it takes to build muscle according to your age and other unique biological characteristics.

But injuries are still relatively common and often very hard to predict. Muscular injuries can be predicted based on fatigue, but accidents like knee or ankle injuries can still be a problem for players, teams, and punters.

Building a Solid Pick: Betting Action and Footie Injuries

The best advice possible in this sense is to always bet on very robust picks. Of course, some bets naturally are more solid than others.

Sometimes you’ll have a ton of value in front of you, and you’ll bet confidently. On other occasions, value may present itself in a more subtle way.

But professional bettors absolutely don’t rely on luck to get the job done and bring home some profits.

This means that following injury news is a key factor in what they do. Even recreational bettors don’t like to lose money, so checking the betting odds is not enough.

The odds can vary significantly depending on the line-ups that are expected for each team.

Take Real Madrid as an example. Los Blancos have been underperforming this season whenever Ancelotti is forced to or chooses to field way too many subs. Not having Modric, Kroos, Benzema, Vini Jr, Militão or Alaba is always a big deal for Carletto Ancelotti, as Madrid has dropped more points than they should, which practically sealed their fate and the title of Barça in the 2022/23 La Liga after their last loss in El Clásico last weekend. 

I always recommend betting in the in-running market as much as possible. Of course, sometimes good odds present themselves only in the early market, but the live betting markets are full of value, and the degree of certainty is unbeatable.

I use to say that to bet in the early market is like studying for a test and betting in the in-running market is almost like cheating on the test: two entirely different things, but the in-running is legal while cheating never is!