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Football betting using exchanges:

Exchange betting is a very fun form of betting which is also used by professional bettors of many sports including football.

The difference here is you can play the role of a bookie: you can sell odds and not just buy. Moreover, there’s another huge advantage of this market: you don’t have to worry about betting limits and account freezing because of excessive winning (yes that happens at more bookies than you think)

Can I win and profit off my soccer betting, please?

There are two types of sportsbooks out there: retail or recreational, and professional bookies. The difference here has to do with how much you are allowed to win.

Professional bookmakers are divided between Asian bookies and exchanges. Asian bookies demand more explanation, which we will discuss in an upcoming betting guide.

Exchanges are an easy way to profit without trouble. The reason why the house doesn’t care if you are winning or losing is that you are not betting directly against them. You bet against other bettors or the website!

odd odds, right? The world of exchange bookies

If you visit their sites you’ll see odds displayed in a different way. A normal bookie has one number, one odd for selections like 1×2. But at exchanges, different bettors will sell different prices. For that reason, you’ll see for example odds between 1.3 and 1.5 for Real Madrid to win against Shakhtar Donetsk on the road next week in the upcoming game of the UEFA Champions League Group F.

To back an odd means to buy an odd, just like at traditional bookies. To lay an odd is to play the role of the bookie and become a seller of odds.
The advantage here is you’ll find interesting, unusual odds, which you can use to profit, unlike any other place.

Moreover, the exchange bookmaker won’t restrict your winnings. Betting limits and how they work will be the topic of an upcoming betting guide, but for now, just have in mind that big, popular bookies usually just want casual players that want to have fun and no professionals or overly lucky casual bettors.
To be able to win is certainly an advantage, right?

How to know if a house is an exchange

Well, the number of exchange bookies is smaller than normal ones. Betfair is the most famous name, but if you visit their site you also have the option to bet like at a normal sportsbook. To bet the way we described here, click on their menu at an exchange and you’ll be at the right place.

Soccer Betting Limits at Exchanges

At exchanges the limits will be determined by the amount of money that the community is allowing you to bet. Let’s suppose ten players are selling odds of 2.0, and they allow you to bet $10. It means the global limit will be $200.

That’s why the odds of each market and each line have very different numbers.
You can bet as much as that limit displayed on the site. You won’t be limited in terms of how often you win, but the size of your bet will be limited by the supply of odds offered to be sold by the community.

We’ll have a specific guide about betting limits at retail or traditional bookies, keep an eye on our blog!