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Learn how to bet on corner kicks with our guide:

Football is a fascinating sport, and the betting markets have odds for all several small events of a game. Corner kicks are no exception. But there are two very distinct markets, one where you can profit with information, and another which is all about luck.
Let’s learn the difference between them to help you profit with soccer betting

The ‘pure luck market’: odd or even

There’s a market called odd/even in which people try to guess whether the number of corners of a football game will be odd or even.

But the problem here is the odds. The market generally sees, due to statistical research and risk assessment that the chance of the number being odd or even is pretty arbitrary, anything could happen. As we have odds of 50ish %, then the odds would need to be bigger than 2 for the bettor to profit in the long run, due to the concept of value. We have a value betting guide on its way for you.

So guessing if the number will be odd or even won’t bring long-term profits if you bet on a selection like this all the time. If you bet just once and you get lucky, then good for you. But I can most certainly tell you professionals usually don’t bet in a market like this. It would take a huge statistical anomaly to attract the attention of a professional here, which doesn’t usually happen.

Let’s find out how they profit with corner kicks.

Corner kick betting: over/under

To guess the number of corner kicks in a match is a lot easier. Normally, over/under lines are used like in the goal betting markets.
The reason is simple: by doing so, the match doesn’t end as void, like with draw no bet markets.

Let’s use a real-life example. In the upcoming Premier League game between Arsenal and Liverpool, on October 9th, 2022, these are the average odds available right now.
Over 9.5 corners: 1.74
Under 9.5 corners: 2.0

These are the closest odds to two which are used in professional markets like the Asian Handicap, but retail bookies also have odds for unlikely scenarios such as under 5.5 @ 9.80 or over 13.5 @ 5.85

The key to football betting profit: information

We must always remember that there’s only one trade secret to profit in the long run with sports betting: good information.
And by good, I mean better than the market. If your estimations are better than the market, you’ll profit in the long run.
In this market, the best way to profit is to understand that corner kicks happen in specific situations.

Some teams have formations and tactics that ‘produce’ more corners. A team that crosses a lot with the RB and LB and the wingers will see balls ending up blocked by defenders or the GK and becoming corner kicks.
Open games with a lot of attacking moments too.

Overly defensive teams and coaches usually have a little number of corners in their games.
Sometimes a game that was expected to be closed without a big expectation of goals and corners becomes open because a team suffers a goal too soon.
There are a lot of ways to profit with sports betting, count on us to learn more about soccer betting! New betting guides every week here are football90!